Maths is crucial to success in higher education, employment and life-skills—understanding how everything connects. Reports from NCERT, ASER, UNESCO and WEF reveal that children find maths challenging, fearsome and are performing below expected levels, being disconnected from this subject.

FIRST IN MATH® helps our children build these skills!

How did FIRST IN MATH® start?

In 2002, inventor Robert Sun masterfully combined the art of game design with the science of learning to create the First In Math® Online Program (FIM) – a unique mathematics tool that has the power to engage our students from diverse academic, cultural, economic and social backgrounds.

Is this a Scalable Solution?

FIRST IN MATH is a proven programme that has reached more than1,00,00,000 children — building the maths skills our children need to succeed in life.

First In Math India, Pvt. Ltd., is an Indian company incorporated in January 2014. CEO Monica Patel is committed to seeing FIM transform the lives of children in her motherland.

Comprehensive content for Classes 1 to 8: 22 BILLION maths problem solved to date.

Impacted about 1.22 lakh students in India from various Education Boards.

What about the load on our teachers?

Teachers will have more time for teaching – FIM features over 200 digital maths activities, seamlessly scaffolded, where the task is matched to the child’s learning level.

FIM addresses the pain of differentiated learning that teachers are coping with, as students struggle with a range of concepts from addition to advanced algebra.

You will have an easy-to-use tool for the most important, yet overlooked aspect of maths instruction: DEEP PRACTICE.

No added workload for our teachers. We send Login IDs. Just hand out to students!

Safe and Secure – because we are parents, too!

Contains NO links to Ads or Chats.

NO personal identifiable information is stored or displayed.

FIM is used securely in thousands of schools since 2002.

Can students practice at home?

Students enjoy First in Math! FIM has a short cycle of play and immediate feedback loop that MOTIVATES students of all skill levels to tackle complex topics in manageable parts.

Our student-centered approach ensures your students are excited to move forward and learn, as they see their growth in real time – with an interactive data dashboard!

How can maths be engaging for families?

Families are deeply invested in the emotional and academic development of their child. Our Unique FAMILY LINK™ feature provides a free Login ID to parents to practice alongside their child. Maths becomes YOUR activity to create a spirited bond with students, teachers & parents.

What is the FIM ‘Player Of The Day’ system?

ALL children flourish with recognition — with our PLAYER OF THE DAY system! Each year, schools, students, even parents worldwide participate in FIM's friendly competition – at the school, state, national and international levels. The GOAL is GROWTH in each child.

Will there be a Load on IT Systems or Academic Coordinators?

FIM is compatible with any device, any platform/OS. Accessible anywhere 24/7. Students can practice at home! Does not require high bandwidth. Does not store any data on devices, so no load on your system.

Real-time performance reports and recognition data on Parent, Teacher and ADMIN Homepage.