It is a usual scene at offices or Residential complexes that a visitor has to spend considerable amount of time in entering the personal details, even if you are a regular visitor. At the same time the data collection is not always methodical and retrievable for analysis.

Currently there are legacy systems, based on PC and web cam, installed at the security desk, and it’s operations often turn out to be annoying for the visitor as well as the security person.

In the legacy system, the Host, to whom, the visitor has come to meet, has no idea until he encounters the visitor at the door, unless they have two way communication systems at the security gate.

Design philosophy behind developing the Smart Visitor Management System is to establish the two way communication between the visitor & the Host to comfort and ease the operation in order to reduce unproductive time and energy spent to enter the visitor information, generate the photo pass etc.

The important aspect of Visi App is that it validates the information captured from the visitor with real time authentication mechanism. Thus we replace the mundane process and most importantly replace the outdated method of writing in visitor’s book which is seldom trusted.